About Us


ResTrend LLC’s mission is simple: TO EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Every member of the ResTrend LLC team, many of whom have been with the company since its founding, lives the ResTrend LLC culture: to do what we say we’ll do—and more.

Industry We Serve

At ResTrend LLC, we serve clients in e-commerce businesses that need their product shipped and customer service representation.

Commitment To Client Service

ResTrend LLC is a recognized and valuable partner to each of its fulfillment & customer service clients. Providing best in class service, ResTrend LLC is a transparent member of each client’s business team.

Every ResTrend LLC business client benefits from our careful attention to detail, excellent communication, flexible service and fast, cost-effective shipments.

Every consumer and end-user receives professional service from highly-trained customer service representatives, orders that are packaged properly and deliveries that arrive in 5 days or less.